For more than 30 years Mephisto's goal has been the same: to create and manufacture the world's finest walking shoes. True to its heritage, Mephisto shoes are designed and built to be perfect. That is the reason they utilize more than 140 different operations and take more than 90 minutes to manufacture a single pair. It is the ideal combination of know-how, technology and experienced craftsmanship.

The process starts with the search for the best leathers. Mephisto chooses skins individually and specifically for every type of shoes.

They then cut each pair with either a water jet machine or cutting knifes and a power press.

Shoes go through quality control step. Each pair is checked from 7-9 times during the manufacturing process.

They meticulously stitch the leather together and then piece it together with the upper part of the shoe.

Every pair of shoes is put on a last to condition it for comfort. They assemble the shoe by putting it together, the rubber sole with the upper, by using special glues. They then add a latex foam midsole to provide your feet with a comfortable footbed between the upper and the outsole.

The outsole is then stitched; a genuine Mephisto mark of quality.

At the end of the manufacturing process the shoes go through the quality control once more. The finished product is then ready to be cleaned and boxed for shipping.

Mephisto's growth has been steady and uninterrupted. Mephisto is one of the leading companies in France and a benchmark of perfection known around the world. Mephisto all-natural, handmade footwear is now available in 45 counties.

  1. Genuine Leather and Best Natural Materials
    All Mephisto shoes are made from the very best full grain aniline-dyed leathers. Only the highest quality natural materials are used in Mephisto shoes.
  2. Latex Foam Mid Sole
    Cobined with special designed latex foam cushioning beneath, Mephisto's innersoles provide the ideal base for pleasurable and healthy walking.
  3. Heel Cushioning for protection of the Joints
    Mephisto innersoles are dynamically designed to provide the best possible base by supporting your foot.
  4. Padded Tongue
    Many Mephisto styles are designed with an especially long padded tongue.
  5. Genuine Leather Innersole
    Mephisto uses top quality upper leathers for the innersole.
  6. Padded Topline
    Because both the inside and outside of your foot are particularly vulnerable just below the ankle, our shoes are softly padded in these areas.
  7. Protective Mudguard and Cleated Sole for Maximum Grip
    Rugged nonslip Mephisto soles ensure maximum grip even on wet surfaces. The mudguard protects against surface water.
  8. Speed Lacing
    Mephisto has developed a quick and simple method of lacing which accommodates any type of foot without pressure or discomfort.
  9. Cushioned Shock-Absorbing Heel
    To protect spine and joints from the jarring effect of walking, we have designed a double shock-absorbing system.
  10. Air-Bag
    The Mephisto Air-Bag System, placed in the base of the heel and under the metatarsal arch, protects your spine and joints from the jarring effects of walking.
  11. Air-Jet System
    Tiny air channels deep inside the sole connect the front of the shoe interior with the back to circulate the air inside the shoe as you walk.
  12. Air Cushioned Latex Foam Mid Sole
    Your foot is nestled in a deep latex cushion. Thousands of tiny bubbles trapped deep inside the mid sole provide effective shock absorption.
  13. Orthopedic Foot-bed
    Mephisto automatically-shaped or orthopedic footbed is made from natural cork and is covered with genuine leather.
  14. Massage Area
    To help strengthen foot muscles and promote blood circulation, Mephisto has designed special massage knobs into the sole area.
  15. Dynamic Inner Sole
    The dynamic inner sole is designed anatomically to provide the best possible base.
  16. Mephisto - The Original
    The Mephisto tag is your guarantee of original and genuine Mephisto quality shoes.


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